Overloaded trucks further damaging roads & bridges

BOONI: Overloaded trucks transporting wheat and other goods to Upper Chitral are damaging the already dilapidated roads and bridges.

Tehreek Huqooq-e-Awam leader and social activist Pervez Lal told Chitral Post that there was no system to check the load of trucks in Chitral.

The roads and bridges across Chitral are in poor conditions due to lack of maintenance, and these heavy vehicles are further damaging them, he added.

In case a bridge collapses, it becomes a big issue for the public as the damage is not repaired for long. The Barenis bridge on Chitral-Mastuj road has recently been repaired and opened for traffic and the heavy trucks could damage it.

He said the communication and works department should check the load of  trucks before allowing them to cross a bridge.