PM warns COVID-19 cases may rise by May 20

ISLAMABAD: I urge everyone to stop politicking  during the corona virus crisis as it will have adverse effects on the country,  Prime Minister Imran Khan said Saturday, as opposition continues criticizing the premier’s policy of a ‘partial lockdown’ in the country.

“I would like to request everyone to stop playing politics on this issue. This has been happening since the past two to three weeks,” he said, speaking to media. “There is a group that wants more damage to happen in the country so that they can benefit politically from this”.

PM Imran said that leaders around the world had made mistakes in dealing with the pandemic and had been reprimanded by media. He said that the Government of Pakistan had taken steps beforehand in the interests of the people.

Addressing media reports about the rise in corona virus deaths in Karachi, the prime minister expressed his displeasure by referring to them as ‘irresponsible’, urging people not to spread panic among the masses. “It is an irresponsible act to say people are dying without verifying it,” he added.

The prime minister categorically rejected claims that the government was hiding corona virus deaths. “Which silly government will hide corona virus deaths? It is in the government’s interest that it gets full information. If we hide facts from people, will the cases disappear?” he asked.

PM Imran said that it is his government’s main aim to think of the impoverished when taking important decisions. “We must not think only of the people residing in Defence or E-sector alone,” he said. “We should think about the people residing in katchi abadis as well,” he added.

The prime minister cited the example of the Muhajireen and the Ansars who helped each other at a time of crisis. This, he said, led Muslims to establish the State of Madinah which was a perfect example for other states to follow.

“I believe this is a trial from Allah and it is my faith that Pakistan will emerge stronger from this test,” he said. (courtesy